What happens if you miss an Air Canada flight

What happens if you miss an Air Canada Flight

Suppose you had your connecting flight with Air Canada, and you missed that flight, and there are multiple reasons for that. In that case, it can happen that your flight was not on its scheduled time and was delayed for more than 3 hours. If that is the case, air Canada will make a flight reservation with the next available flight keeping a note of your travel fare along with the class with which you were supposed to travel with your connecting flight, of air Canada. Hence, you got the answer of What happens if you miss an Air Canada flight?, after knowing that you must also want to know a process to reach the support team of air Canada to ask for the next steps that you can take if you find yourself in this scenario.

How to rebook your missed connecting flight

As you have missed your flight and there was a fault of the airline, you have the right to ask them to make a ticket reservation again, which is completely free of cost. You must not worry. You have to convey that you want to rebook that flight after you call at r 1-802-341-3409. As soon as you have to select an appropriate language for yourself to continue with a resolution , this transfers your call to the support team of air Canada, where you have to explain to them that you have missed your connecting flight with them, and they can make your ticket reservation for the next available flight after your flight reservation is confirmed you have to continue with your journey and scan that code which you received at the check-in counter of the airport or you can also print your boarding pass if you wish and show it at the counter of checking to the officials of Air Canada.

Explain the process of a complaint regarding the missed flight using a form of feedback.

You can also file a complaint in written form regarding your missed flight from Air Canada. You have to find a form for the flight, and there you can explain your issue, and also have to attach your travel papers to let them know that there was a connecting flight that you missed with them. Follow these steps to file your missed flight complaint to air Canada officials.

  • First, you have to put the air Canada website as your URL.
  • You have to click on help and click on the form for the complaint.
  • Click on the appropriate form and explain your issues and complete your submission.

This explains to you if you have missed your connecting flight and the reason was the fault of the airlines, then you are getting rebooked for your connecting flight without any extra cost. You have to follow the process to make a ticket rebooking. You can also file a complaint regarding your flight using the form for complaints, where you have to explain your issues 

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