What is the best day to buy Spirit Airlines tickets

What is the Best Day to Buy Spirit Airlines tickets

If you are planning to visit any destination for your upcoming vacations via Spirit Airlines and you are curious to know which day you should purchase flight tickets to get them at the lowest fares, and you are searching “What is the best day to buy Spirit Airlines tickets?” then you must.

Make your flight reservation on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Also, you must refrain from making flight bookings for the weekends; instead, you must select weekdays for your traveling. Apart from selecting particular days for your traveling, you can also try the below-mentioned tricks and tips to get low-fare flights.

What are the other tips and tricks to reserve low-fare flight tickets

  • Plan your journey in advance and make the flight booking as soon as you confirm your plan. Never delay booking your flights.
  • To get the best deals, travelers must visit the official Spirit airlines website and search the spirit low fare calendar to check and compare the flight prices to their decided destination on a particular date and then make a flight selection. Also, they can follow the official social media pages of the airline to get the best available deals.
  • Travelers must compare the flight fares online before purchasing tickets. If the flight fares are more on the official website, they must proceed to purchase their tickets using a third party, that is, travel agents.
  • Customers must always search for their flights in the incognito mode of the browser. They must skip using normal mode as the history is saved in the form of cookies in the latter mode of the browser, which is later used by the airlines to analyze the booking procedure and eventually increase the flight fares.
  • Passengers must not be rigid in selecting a particular date or time of travel; instead, they must provide at least 1-2 days of flexibility to get the flights at economical fares.
  • They must avoid traveling to any destinations during festival season or holidays as, during peak season, most of the locations become crowded, increasing the cost of travel and accommodation.


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