What is the penalty for Missing Flights on Ethiopian Airlines?

What Happens If I Miss my Flight on Ethiopian Airlines?

According to the Ethiopian airline authority, you can cancel or change your flight after missing it within a certain time limit issued by the authority. So authority has been advised to the passengers that you need to inform staff immediately within 24 hours of flight departure otherwise, the no show cancellation or late cancellation will be around 100$ or can vary on the basis of the flight type per passenger.

What is the Ethiopian Airline's Missed Flight Policy

  • If you have missed a flight, then you need to be informed by the authorities. After that, you can rebook the flight ticket, but you need to pay the fine.
  • If you missed the flight due to flight delay or other cases, then you are entitled to rebook your flight and do not have to pay for the missed flight.
  • If your booking got canceled and, in that scenario, you missed your connecting flight, you will contact the compensation from the airline authority, or else the authority may arrange alternate flights for traveling.
  • If you do not board the flight, missed it, and did not have the appropriate reason, then you will fall under the no-show policy. So be on time; if not, then inform the authority immediately.

If you still have the question, what is the penalty for missing flights on Ethiopian Airlines? Then you need to know that the penalty will be only charged if you fall under the no-show policy, and the no-show policy fee will be around $50. You can avoid this penalty if you arrive at the airport 15 minutes before the flight schedule and then allow a rebook free of cost ( any penalty). Still, rebooking is only possible based on the availability of the flight.

If you have any inquiries, you can connect Ethiopian Airlines Phone Number 1 (800) 445-2733 or 1-802-341-3409, which will provide a positive response to your issue from the airline authority.


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