What is United 1K Customer

What is United 1K Customer

Being a United 1K customer means being an elite member of United Airlines. Want to know What is United 1K Customer? Here is the answer to your question. It comes with a number of perks and benefits. Being an elite member of United airlines helps you avail a lot of offers and discounts. 

Benefits of being a 1K customer with United Airlines

You can avail yourself of several perks and help after being a 1K customer. The blow mentioned is some of the benefits you can help yourself after being one such member.

  • Free checked baggage.
  • Complimentary preferred seating. 
  • Earn bonus miles with each booking to avail discount on the next booking. 
  • Complimentary snacks and drinks. 
  • Free change in flights. 
  • Complimentary upgrades in ticket class. 
  • No cancellation fee. 
  • Extra in-flight entertainment. 

How do I become a United 1K customer?

Do you wish to become a United 1K member with United Airlines and do not know how to do it?

Go through the given process to understand the process better. Follow the steps given below:

  • To become a 1K member, you must earn 36 PQF and 13,500 PQP or 15,000 PQP in one calendar year, which is within 31December of the current year to the 30 December of the upcoming year.
  • The PQP earned will be automatically added to your MileagePlus membership card, through which you can earn many perks and benefits, discounts offers, and more.  
  • To become a 1K Premier customer, you must join the MileagePlus membership. This membership will not cost you a penny. As soon as you fulfill the required PQP you will automatically be upgraded to become a 1K customer with the airlines. 

Contact United Airlines' customer support team for more information regarding the memberships and their perks and benefits. 

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