What size bag is free on Sun Country?

How to get free Baggage on Sun Country?

There are multiple policies of the airlines which every traveler must follow, and baggage instructions are one of them; in the baggage policies, airlines mention their free baggage allowance, the weight of the bags, etc. Most airlines have their baggage policies, and Sun Country is one of them; while traveling with this airline, you will receive multiple services such as assistance for disabled passengers, earning miles while traveling, etc. If you find free baggage size or other baggage instructions, contact sun country Airlines' phone number. To learn more about baggage allowance in Sun Country, read further.

What are the baggage policies of Sun Country Airlines?

Having the details about baggage policies is essential as it will help you know details on checked baggage weight, carry-on baggage dimensions, etc., and if you need to learn about the baggage allowance, read below.

  • For the Checked bags: You can carry one checked bag without paying charges, and the weight of that bag must be under 27 kg; if the weight of the bag gets, exceeds then you have to pay the charges.
  • For Carry-on bag: Passengers can carry one carry-on bag, which has to be under 9 kg, and the bag's shape can easily fit under the seat or upper head cabin. If the size of the bag exceeds that, dial sun country airlines' phone number to send the bag with a checked bag.
  • For extra bags: The airlines only allow two extra bags, and the weight of those bags must be under 23 kg and to carry extra bags, you have to pay the charges.
  • For sports equipment: If you want to carry any sports equipment or other thing which occupies space, such as a wheelchair or a stretcher, then pay the charges, and these things will send with your checked bags.

How to contact Sun Country Airlines to add baggage?

To add baggage to your bookings, you can do it online and offline, but if you want to avoid following any longer, you can directly call the representative at the contact number of Sun Country. To communicate quickly, dial this sun country airline's phone number 651-905-2737 or +1-802-341-3409 and then choose the language you want to communicate. Then follow IVR and choose the option that is relevant to your issue.

How do I add luggage to my Sun Country reservation?

You can use the online mode to add the baggage details in your bookings as this is the most accessible mode if you get any long call hold, voice break, or network glitch issues while connecting to sun country airline's phone number. For an online process, follow the points below.

  • Navigate the website of Sun Country Airlines.
  • Further, click on the manage bookings page.
  • Provide the last name with the booking reference number.
  • Click to add baggage and then mention the number of bags you wants to carry.
  • Further, save the details, and then a payments page will appear on the screen.
  • Select any convenient payment option to pay the charges, and you will get an email to add baggage to your bookings.

Through the above, you will learn What size bag is free on Sun Country? Still, you can contact the customer service team for proper assistance if any query remains unsolved.


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