What size bag is free on Transavia

What size luggage is allowed on Transavia

Transavia airlines have gained multiple travelers for the last several years for its low cost flight services to multiple destinations. There are many passengers who wish to carry extra luggage to their destination; if you also want to carry via this Dutch airline and you are curious to know “What size bag is free on Transavia?” then you must refer to the important policies mentioned below:

What are Transavia Airlines baggage policies?

Customers must use the following policies to know the weight and size of bags allowed on Transavia Airlines:

  • Travelers can carry one hand bag along with them. The dimension of the bag must not be more than 55 * 35 *25 cm.
  • Travelers are also permitted to carry one extra bag along with them; the dimensions of small bags such as laptop bags and backpacks must not be more than 40 *30 * 20 cm.
  • This bag must fit in the overhead bins or the space under the passenger seats.
  • Free items that can be carried by the passengers include umbrellas, walking sticks, and one small bag.
  • Passengers are allowed to carry handbags weighing up to 10 kg.
  • If the size of their bags exceeds the weight mentioned above, then customers can pay an additional charge to the airline to carry their luggage.
  • If you wish to carry any sports equipment to your destination or you want to carry your wheelchair, then you can contact the airline in advance.
  • No fragile or expensive items must be carried in the handbags by the passengers.
  • Liquids are not allowed in the aircraft. Only 100 ml is allowed in the handbags.

Conclusion: Travelers can reach customer care services by using Transavia Airlines Phone Number 1-802-341-3409 if they wish to add extra luggage or if they want to get rid of any of the issues related to luggage. Customers can also reach them if they have any confusion about the baggage policies; they must always try to reach them during their working hours.

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